Monday, April 29, 2013

Trying not to let my adjusted-to-Canadian-weather body melt in sunny Cancún, I find myself following these handy tips to maintaining beauty in the salty-aired tropics! You're welcome ;)

Tip#1: If you have oily or combination skin, like I do, the moment you land in the tropics you will feel your pores getting clogged. Suffer from breaking out? Take a few drops of tea tree oil (I use 100% pure) and massage it into the area after washing with a neutral face wash. It works like pure freaking magic! Pimples be gone overnight :) Works great on acne too! If you have particularly stubborn skin, put a couple of drops of the oil in your face wash and body wash too. Here's the deal - tea tree oil is an antibacterial agent - a natural one, unlike triclosan, which is found in soaps. Pimples are mainly bacteria mixed with oil trapped inside pores. Au natural cure in a bottle, tea tree oil is.
PS: The Body Shop, even though I adore it, has a really horrendous selection of tea tree oil products (with the exception of the face wash). I would buy it straight from a pharmacy - that way you also know it is pure.

Tip#2: Just because it is humid does not mean your skin does not need some moisturizing care. And no, I do not mean slather on a mother-load of lotion all day. What you can do once a week is massage yourself thoroughly with EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Massage yourself as if your life depends on it - your entire body. Let that redness of skin show. Then chill for a bit, maybe half an hour or more. After that, take a small towel and soak it in boiling water. Hold it against your skin and let the heat permeate your pores. After a minute, wipe the oil off your skin, rinse the towel, and repeat process. Do this for your whole body. And once you are completely clean of oil, DO NOT TAKE A SHOWER OR USE SOAP OR ANY PRODUCT ON YOUR SKIN. Just go to bed, and shower the next day :) Trust me, your skin quality will drastically improve. Do not do this too often though, or it will dry out your skin (your skin realizes it is getting so much oil that it will stop producing its own). Once a week or 10 days or so is sufficient. 

Tip#3: To rid your skin of uneven skin tones, wash your face and then apply lemon juice all over it. Once it dries, massage in some plain yogurt. Wait for the yogurt to dry completely, and then rinse off, massaging your skin the whole time while rinsing. Result: voila, clear and soft skin!

Tip#4: Feeling sweaty all day? Spray some water on your skin. It's pure, it's hydrating, it's cheap, it's easy!

Good luck - buena suerte :)

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