Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's funny how I ever started blogging. I've been meaning to do it for so long. It's funny how I manage to do 50 million other pointless things before getting round to doing what I'm meant to do. I wasted $20 on a diary because I really felt the need to share myself with something or someone that does not know me at all. An unbiased third party. But the process of writing a diary... ugly handwriting, and smudged ink, and creased pages.. just no. So I've finally achieved the goal I've always wanted to - to create a blog. Maybe it's the spark that will ignite a chain of events that will lead me to succeeding all my goals? Maybe I will start studying again and getting the amazing grades I used to? Who knows. Perhaps the process of blogging will become an eye-opener? Will this lead me to knowing myself better? Aren't eyes supposedly windows to the soul? Which makes no sense because eyes look out, not in. Nobody knows. This blog will tell.

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