Thursday, April 18, 2013

I really ought to go to bed now, but this blog just tempts me. It's probably not a good idea to vent out all my problems here because it is public, but to be honest, who in tarnation cares? If you don't agree with what I have to say, well, it's my f*cking life, and you know what? Nobody invited you. So there's the door - see ya! Yup, I stole that quote from the charming Billie Joe Armstrong.
But why am I still here? Oh yeah, because that douche-commercial is still on my mind. That wannabe who I considered a close friend but is now more two-faced than the pennies that are now extinct in Canada. So I decided to stalk said douche-commercial's tumblr for more evidence to feed the fire of hate burning in my gut. I found all sorts of photos. And I hate to admit it, but I liked a lot of them a lot. However, do they describe douche-commercial's personality? No. The personality douche-commercial would like to be? Yes. 
But surprise, surprise.. It's funny, but on that tumblr page I saw more of myself than I'd liked to have seen. Or is it the personality that I would like to become as well? Do douche-commercial and I have more in common than I'd like to admit?There was one photo that particularly caught my attention. I, to be completeelyyy frank kind of sort of fell in love with it. But the part of my mind that condemns douche-commercial and anything to do with douche-commercial completely justified the fact that the photo, like the rest of douche-commercial, is pure trash (oxymoron). I found THIS photo:

Strange huh? It's kind of classy and sexy and attractive and feminine. But at the same time, who in hell wants that? I say walk like you own the world, like you're Satan himself in the world that is Hell. Don't dispose yourself to the men that will use you like tissue and then toss you away. But simultaneously... isn't a little more sex appeal what we all need? And isn't the sight of a guy checking you out enough to make your cheeks rosier and your damn day brighter?Food for thought ;) for me or for you? Like I said, who in tarnation knows or cares.

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